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Residential Property Conveyancing Services

Are you buying or selling a house? Then this is probably an exciting time for you!

For most people, buying or selling a house is their biggest financial transaction. Buying or selling a house should be a straightforward task. Our job is to keep it that way. The service we offer is simple and is designed to avoid problems. We recommend instructing a lawyer sooner rather than later.
The reason is simple - it can make a big difference to get legal advice before signing a contract. If there are issues that need to be addressed then they can be provided for in the contract itself.


Whether buying or selling the price is $1,300.00 for our conveyancing services.
This includes advising on the contract before you sign.

Standard conveyancing costs include:

The $1,300.00 fee is inclusive of all the above. It includes the mortage costs as well (whether registering or discharging).

There are situations where the cost can be more, for example purchasing or selling a Unit Title will cost $200.00 +gst more.  Other increases are for things such a Kiwisaver withdrawals, Homestart Grants, searching multiple encumbrances (such as easements), guarantees are required, delays caused by the other party, more than one mortgage, encumbrances on the Certificate of Title such as Caveats or Statutory Land Charges or Notices of Claim, you are out of town and documents are signed remotely, Nomination, Delays or problems with insurance or your obtaining finance.  In these situations I can still give a quote after I have seen the Contract and Certificate of Title.  If there is no mortgage then the cost is reduced.  If the contract does not proceed because of the failure of a condition then sometimes sometimes I do not charge at all.  Sometimes I charge a modest fee if I have had to pay out money for things like forms or searches.

(If you are shopping for a quote ex disbursements be sure to ask what the disbursements will actually be - they do vary.  Do not be fobbed off with 'they alre all the same'.  If they are all the same then you can be told.)

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